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Watch Showcase Practical, Artistic, And Economical
Sep 27, 2017

he display cabinet is a display stand that is provided for the display of goods. The color can be selected according to the shop decoration. It is widely used in the exhibition halls, exhibitions, department stores and advertisements. It is widely used in handicrafts, gifts, jewelery, mobile phones, glasses, watches and clocks, tobacco and alcohol, cosmetics and other industries. The

Construction: the wall placed by the showcase backplane for the opaque plate, optional and cabinet appearance the same color, white or mirror. The top can be installed light box, cabinet lights optional fluorescent, spotlights, the top with light boxes. Height, width, length can be adjusted according to the use. Square display cabinets are generally four-sided translucent glass, suitable for display jewelry, jewelry, watches, mobile phones, glasses, drugs and other small items, can also be used to display gifts, handicrafts, electronic products, pens, tobacco and other large pieces article.

In order to showcase the use of a variety of display cabinets, display the overall structure of the cabinet are all removable parts can be installed, not using any glue materials, a screwdriver can complete the dismantling of the showcase. Easy disassembly, transportation and so on.

Role: Watch Showcase is the main carrier of commercial goods, but also constitute the main framework of commercial space vision. Different products have different Watch Showcase

Form and function. Shopping malls Watch Showcase display cabinet design and production of the pros and cons, will directly affect the sales of goods and corporate brand image. In recent years, Watch Showcase in the design, production has a greater development and progress, which is mainly more mature market competition, enterprises pay more attention to shaping the brand image of the results. However, look at department stores or shopping malls showcase props design and production, are much different from the international standard. The main reason is that the display cabinetWatch Showcase design lacks the overall planning design and puts forward the specialized standard request. The problem is due to the lack of professional business design company in China and the lack of talent, as well as commercial enterprises in the mall decoration design planning lack of professional company specific guidance. And thus in the mall decoration planning and showcase design to imitate more ingredients, and design companies on the mall business, management, marketing, the inherent needs of the system is the lack of professional understanding and research. As a result, many shopping malls produce visual space homogeneity, lack of practicality, artistry, economy, security and humanized functional requirements.

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