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Small Boutique Showcase What Is The Main Characteristic Of Very Important
Dec 15, 2016

1. weight, since it is fine, then it must be authentic from actual. Fine display cabinets in weight heavier than the average display cases for 1 time more than doubled, because in the selection process. In order to make quality, choice of the best materials is inevitable. For excellent results, display cabinets will have the weight of specific size requirements. So that display cabinet in place without any shaking. 2. textures, fine display cabinets by hand, can clearly feel the surface texture is smooth, flat and substance. Make people feel that end feel. Fine quality very good. Exactly know it's plating, gold plating process. 3. gap, display cabinet making is formed by combining different styles of stainless steel materials, General workmanship showcase slots, except fine display cabinets, fine display cabinets is strictly to strengthen production technology, through welding and polishing technology, display cabinets between stainless steel seamless, to further enhance the appearance and value of fine display cabinets.

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