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Shop How To Exhibit Better Boost Sales
Dec 15, 2016

Excellent display effect can cause the consumer wishes to purchase, and purchase action. Store merchandising you can follow when you are doing the following: profitable, display, attractive and effective display, merchandise mix, at a glance, seven aspects such as hygiene. A, profitable, 1 exhibition must actually help increase store sales. 2 efforts to shop the best exhibit location is used for main product sales. 3 Note that recording can increase sales of a specific layout and display. 4 constantly remind store merchandising profits help. Second, display, 1 good display: with the wall plane aisle of the store and the line of sight, high counters. 2 Sales exhibition: Ying men's counter, stands between the two main channels, customer lounge, and so on. Exhibition of the 3 bad points: warehouse (or processed) entrances, poor lighting, deep in the corner of the bottom corner of the shop.

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