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Jewelry Showcase Simple, Bright Is The Best Way To Attract The Audience Eye
Oct 27, 2017

Jewelry Showcase what materials are used, Jewelry Showcase is an important part of our shop, then we design the process of production should pay attention to what the problem, our showcase and what materials, the following to see a specific look at it.

The biggest role of Jewelry Showcase is to display the product, reflecting the characteristics of the product, capture the consumer's eye, so that consumers have the desire to buy products. Not only that, a good Jewelry Showcase can also improve the company's brand image, then, since so, a good Jewelry Showcase what is made of what material it1, Jewelry Showcase design should have eye-catching signs, design to be unique, innovative, to attract the audience's attention, but not from the exhibition target and business image.

2, jewelry exhibition cabinet design to harmony, not chaotic, booth is composed of many aspects, including layout, lighting, color, charts, exhibits, exhibition planes, exhibition and other components. Good Jewelry Showcase design is to integrate these as one.

3, jewelry exhibition cabinet design to the audience's goal for the design, and the design of the jewelry audience to consider the objectives of the audience's goals, emotions, interests, views and response and other factors. From the perspective of the target audience design, easy to cause the attention of the target audience, resonance, and for the audience left a deep impression.

4, Jewelry Showcase design should be simple and generous not too complicated, the choice of exhibits to be representative, there must be selected, will be abandoned. Simple, bright is the best way to attract the audience eye. Photos, diagrams, textual statements should be clear and concise, and the design decorations unrelated to the exhibition and display contents should be minimized.

5, Jewelry Showcase design to highlight the focus of the booth to attract attention to the focus. The choice of focus should be in line with the purpose of the exhibition, the general will be more special products, new products, or very important products, through the location, layout, lighting and other design to highlight the key exhibits.

6, Jewelry Showcase design to express the theme, clear the information to be passed, the theme is the exhibitors want to pass to the basic information and impressions of visitors, usually exhibitors themselves or products.

First, steel, general Jewelry Showcase contains metal structure of things, it is essential, be regarded as necessities it. Of course, also useful to produce some stainless steel materials, are all possible. No matter what the material is needed designer design properly.

Second, the wood, but also Jewelry Showcase with the most and most common, it has a certain plasticity, can make a variety of shapes, the price is also slightly cheaper, but there are bad places, that is not a good move The

Third, the glass, we casually go to the mall to see, basically the jewelry counters are installed on top of the glass, the price of glass is also relatively slightly cheaper, and the use of glass to create Jewelry Showcase is also very good, with a certain pass Through the role, you can enlarge the space, relative to the wood is not only difficult to move, and also easy to rupture, so in the transport process must be careful.

Fourth, the acrylic, this material is estimated that most have not heard of it, it is generally used in the jewelry above the market there are many acrylic jewelry, looks crystal clear, very significant grade, bad place is Easy to break, and the price is relatively high. But relative to his value, this price is still acceptable. What a penny thing.

Jewelry exhibition cabinet commonly used materials are also some of these, of course, there are some other materials, do not speak here, on the choice of materials, some people think that the more expensive the better, in fact, is not the case, the right is the most Yes, as if you can not put the shoes in the Jewelry Showcase to sell the same bar. Can improve the image of the brand, reflecting the grade of jewelry, so that consumers have the desire to buy, that is the best.

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