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Jewelry Showcase Has A Certain Permeability, Can Enlarge The Space
Oct 13, 2017

Jewelry showcase used materials, jewelry Showcase is an important part of our shop, then in our design and production process should pay attention to what problems, our showcase and what materials, the following to specific look at it.

Jewelry Showcase the biggest role is to display products, reflect the characteristics of the product, capturing the eyes of consumers, so that consumers to produce the desire to buy products. Not only that, a good jewelry showcase can also improve the company's brand image, then, in that case, a good jewelry showcase is made of what material.

First, steel, the general jewelry Showcase contains the metal structure of things, which is essential, as a necessity. Of course, it is also useful to make some stainless steel materials. No matter what materials are required by the designer to be properly designed.

Second, wood, but also jewelry showcase used most and most common, it has a certain plasticity, can make a variety of shapes, the price is a little cheaper, but also have a bad place, is not good move.

Third, glass, we casually go to the mall to see, basically jewelry counters are installed on the glass, the price of glass is relatively cheap a little, and the use of glass to make jewelry showcase is also very good, with a certain degree of permeability, can enlarge space, relative to the wood is not only difficult to move, but also easy to rupture, So be careful in the transportation process.

Four, acrylic, this material estimates most have not heard, it is generally used in jewelry above more, the market has a lot of acrylic material jewelry, looks crystal clear, very significant grade, bad place is easy to break, and the price is relatively high. But the price is acceptable relative to his value. A penny a penny.

The usual materials for jewelry showcase, of course, there are also some other materials, here is not to say, about the choice of materials, some people think the more expensive the better, in fact, is not such, the appropriate is the best, as if you can not put the shoes in the jewelry showcase sell the same. Can improve the image of the brand, reflect the grade of jewelry, so that consumers have the desire to buy, that is the best.

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