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Jewelry Counter So Placed Not Only Good-looking, There Are Also Unexpected Effects
Apr 28, 2017

Jewelry Counter so Placed not only good-looking, there are also unexpected effects

Guangzhou Vip Jewellery Display Table Manufacturer prompt you, Jewelry display cabinet layout to follow the size of the appropriate phase of the principle of phase. Jewelry display counter is one of the main body of jewelry store layout, it is greatly impacts on the jewelry shop beautification and decoration.

If the display furnishings unreasonable, not only un-beautiful, but un-applicable, and even to bring all kinds of inconvenience to the work.


Jewelry display cabinet furnishings must reasonable use of space, and gives a comfortable refreshing feeling. High cabinet should be with the low cabinet with each other furnishings. need to be the same size cabinets together. If the Jewelry Display Standslayout of the ups and downs is too large, will cause messy uncoordinated feeling. In short, the layout of the jewelry store should be the size of phase contrast, high and low phase, patchwork. You can use bonsai, small furnishings and wall decoration to achieve the balance effect.


If you are interested in the above jewelry display cabinet or in doubt, please contact our online customer service. Our professional jewelry display cabinet consultants will provide you with the best procurement consulting services.

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