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How Do Watches Showcase

1. custom-made watches showcase more reasonable structure, durable, easy to move, delicate and elegant, fully upgrade the product image of display items, brand image and corporate image. 2. the clock display after many polishing, is a display case shows that smooth, contour selection green paint, smooth, uniform color, gloss, high temperature bake, durable, not scratches. 3. watch showcase production by environmentally-friendly wood materials, with a special laminate and a variety of decorative materials and glass together. 4. this watch store design elegance, design ingenuity, excellent materials, to create first-class quality. 5. we can according to customer's product design, specifications, materials for production. 6. watch showcase with the finest paint technology, durability, weatherability, friction, corrosion resistance and hardness, polishing, surface high light, mirror-like effect.

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