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Glass Showcase Production
Dec 15, 2016

Planet planet of the System, connector, such as iron-core part 9 main show can produce a variety of styling, small booths and P.O.P. This made the whole would seem rich category, meet the needs of different consumers, for consumers to learn about products. LOHO glass showcase is to show a variety of forms of life to show the eyes not only classification detail, and it's easier for the customer to select, save time and effort. NET banner, roll up, x-type: cluster bundles of nets that minutes played within a large framework, is both flexible and clean, using a unique technology of magnetic stickers, equipped with special lighting, exhibits and flashy. Economic framework: aluminum extruded frame, inline quality KT Board, Panel laminating high-density boards, pole using plastic hollow tubes, compact, light and easy. And suitable for all kinds of exhibitions, high economic relevance. There are lots of styles, and concise and diverse styles.

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