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Cosmetic Showcase Emphasis On Design Style
Oct 13, 2017

Cosmetic Showcase in any store is often set in conspicuous places, for example, the first floor of the mall, the number of people, and so on, because of its own booth products belong to skin beauty products, and the pursuit of the United States is the best way to attract the flow of products, so often Cosmetic Showcase design contentment is very fastidious, Cosmetic Showcase in the industry development has gradually formed three main mainstream style, from the early stage of simple display function cosmetics booth.

Cosmetic Showcase Design is a beautiful style of showcase, as the cosmetics counter brought about by the traffic so that businessmen flock, cosmetic products are beautiful symbol at the same time the transformation of the years, for customers with unique charm, Cosmetic Showcase design style development has formed three main mainstream design style, Nine Round Square showcase on these three styles of brief description:

One, minimalism mainstream cosmetic showcase

Minimalism is the modern theory of furniture design, at the same time also converted to the field of commercial cosmetics display, minimalist design style emphasizes the design of Cosmetic Showcase "to less", through a concise design form and color with a strong display of the diversity of goods, in the Cosmetic Showcase the lines of emphasis on condensed and smooth, For example, Chanel Cosmetic Showcase although designed to "simple" start, the design process is extremely challenging.

Second, the main traceability of Cosmetic Showcase

The origin of the traceability has two aspects of the meaning, one is from the commodity's own characteristics and customer needs, because cosmetics for consumers to represent the beautiful and create, at the same time, consumers of environmental crisis evolved human crisis has a certain subconscious, so the design of Cosmetic Showcase began to pursue green landscaping, And how to express this idea when the return to nature.

Third, the local retro mainstream Cosmetic Showcase design

Local Retro Cosmetic Showcase design is a very imaginative approach, the mainstream of local retro design refers to the consumer areas and consumer groups in the design of the local culture at the same time to the retro excellent architecture and totem design as a reference, such as medieval, Roman times, the Chinese court, etc., Of course, the two cultures can also be combined to show a stronger sensory experience.

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