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China Supply High-end Stainless Steel Showcase With Catier Style
Mar 13, 2017

New era of Luxury Jewelry Cabinets manufacturers, its name is Guangzhou Vip Display & Furniture Co., Ltd.


New development, new ideas, a new era of China Shopping Mall Display Kiosk suppliers not only to provide customers with jewelry showcase itself, more to the jewelry customers to provide value-added services partners, and customers grow together.


Mention Cartier jewelry cabinet design, give people the first feeling is that high-grade, simple, beautiful. It is considered a representative of high-end jewelry showcase. Normally you can only see in the high-end shopping malls and clubs.

Cartier jewelry cabinet have a relatively fixed style structure. And the most important thing is the layout of the Cartier stainless steel jewelry showcase, consider the more reasonable, related to the background wall, the ground, the ceiling and the door between how reasonable match

So as to meet customer needs, display jewelry brand corporate culture.


Guangzhou Vip Display Factory supply only do high-end stainless steel showcase and acrylic display cases. we welcome your arrival. Pls booking us with below method:

Email:, Phone: +86 20 28102397


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