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Acrylic Display Case Product Unique Charm
Oct 13, 2017

Acrylic Display Case (plexiglass) products as a novel advertising image carrier, because of high transparency, plasticity, give a unique visual sensory effects, are widely used in terminal promotions, gifts, gifts and so on

Acrylic Display Case Display rack of the 6 major advantages in the pursuit of packaging in the era, people go out to dress up, merchandise can not be separated from the display frame of the foil. The popular display shelves in shopping malls are no longer glass-type or metal-mixed materials, or wood, but Acrylic Display Case display racks. Acrylic Display Case is a kind of easy processing, easy to dye thermoplastic, when it meets with the display frame, the incredible chemical reaction will happen.

Acrylic Display Case is easy to form, which provides the possibility for the realization of the design model. The primary purpose of the display is to attract customer eyeballs, the creative design that matches the product is the core, and the selection of the manufacturing material is an important guarantee.

2. Acrylic Display Case rich color for the display shelf icing on the cake. Acrylic Display Case display frame can be designed to process dyeing, many styles, small color, truly meet customer requirements, highlighting the unique charm of products.

3. Acrylic Display Case display frame transparent, especially in the display of watches, cosmetics, electronic products, such as high-end goods appear noble atmosphere.

4. Acrylic Display Case display rack style is very many, have floor, desktop, hanging type, rotary type and so on; the use is very wide, can be used for watch display, cosmetics display, jewelry display, according to customer demand to design and production to meet the different shops, different placement needs.

5. Acrylic Display Case display stand rugged, long service life, low manufacturing cost.

6. Acrylic Display Case Display frame assembly is flexible and simple, easy to disassemble, easy to transport.

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