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Acrylic Display Case Enhance The Grade Of Products, More Conducive To Sales
Oct 27, 2017

Acrylic Display Case as a variety of display performance excellent exhibition props, in many areas, the industry has been increasingly widely recognized and applied by the enterprise. In the domestic small and medium-sized cities, acrylic display can be seen everywhere in the figure, and its applications include cosmetics display, jewelry display, digital products, glasses display mobile phone display, high-grade wine display, high-end watch display and so on.

Acrylic Display Case advantage is:

According to the characteristics of cosmetics showcase, design matching with the cosmetics showcase, coupled with the acrylic display on the screen can be printed on the company's logo used to enhance the corporate image, so that customers in the purchase of the company's cosmetics, the company's brand A more intense impression. But also in the processing of plexiglass display stand at the same time, in the acrylic display rack printed on the company for this cosmetics design marketing posters, which can also enhance the product grade, more conducive to sales, and promote consumer desire to buy.

With the development of the industry nowadays, cosmetics have become the leader in annual consumption. So the production of cosmetics showcase acrylic is essential for an environmentally friendly material, very practical and beautiful, but also to bring out the beauty of the cosmetics showcase, so that your shop people go in there is a refreshing, luxurious atmosphere of the feeling. As the cosmetics showcase on the lighting effect is very high, and the acrylic material has a high degree of transparency, no yellow reflective, so that cosmetics in front of everyone in the display of cosmetics in the process of filling its high-end atmosphere of luxury Connotation.

Acrylic display of the six major advantages In the pursuit of packaging era, people go out to dress up, the goods are also inseparable from the display of the foil. Popular display on the mall is not the previous glass type or metal mixed material, or wood, but the Acrylic Display Case. Acrylic is an easy-to-process, easily dyed thermoplastic, and when it meets the display stand, the incredible chemical reaction takes place.

Acrylic easy to shape, for the implementation of the design model provides the possibility. The primary purpose of the display is to attract customers to the eye, with the product to match the creative design is the core, and the selection of the manufacturing material is an important guarantee.

2. Acrylic rich colors for the display of the icing on the cake. Acrylic Display Case according to the design to process dyeing, style, color is small, really meet customer requirements, highlight the unique charm of the product.

3. Acrylic Display Case transparent shiny, especially in the display of watches, cosmetics, electronic products and other high-end goods when the noble atmosphere.

4. Acrylic Display Case style, there are floor type, desktop, hanging, rotary, etc .; very wide range of uses, can be used for watch display, cosmetics display, jewelry display, according to customer needs to design to meet different shops, Different placement requirements.

5. Acrylic Display Case durable, long life, low manufacturing costs.

6. Acrylic Display Case assembled flexible and simple, easy disassembly, easy to transport.

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