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OEM Waterproof Jewelry Showcase And Tower Display Case With Brushed Steel

OEM Waterproof Jewelry Showcase And Tower Display Case With Brushed Steel

Waterproof Jewelry Display Case and Tower, with Brushed Steel. Sensible Lock and Easy Moving Wheels. Fist Choice for Exihibition or Showroom. LED Adjustable Lights in order to Protect the stone well.

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OEM Waterproof Jewelry Showcase and Tower Disply Case with Brushed Steel

1, Painting white jewelry tower display case with brushed stell , gold color.

2, LED adjustable light to protect the stone inside the jewelry showcase.

3, With big storage in order to store products or packing cases concerned.

4, Soft leather drawer table to display to high class of jewelry or stone showed.

5, Tempered high clear glass cover for  .

6, Relaible and Waterproof jewelry display case with wheels for easy moving purpose.

7, Electric lock to make sure high secirity.

Jewelry Showcase1000x600x1000mmwhite high shinning with brushed goldMDF, Brush steel3sets
Tower Display Case600x600x1000mmwhite high shinningMDF, Tempered glass3sets

63.jpg   62.jpg

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