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What is the difference between acrylic products and glass?
Mar 27, 2017

Now in our lives, almost anywhere can find acrylic products. But, what are the characteristics of acrylic products? What is the difference between it and glass?


Acrylic, also known as plexiglass, it has a crystal general transparency, glass general light transmission, but the density is only half of the glass, so it is not like crystal, glass so fragile. Acrylic wear resistance and aluminum close to, and has a good printability and spray coating.


In addition, the acrylic has a good processing performance, can be used to form a hot bending, mechanical processing can also be used to drill, car, cutting, etc. Acrylic wear resistance and aluminum close to, and has a good printability and spray.


Besides, can also be used laser cutting and laser engraving, making the effect of peculiar products.

Acrylic products with a transparent texture, high strength, not broken, safe non-toxic, easy aging, bright color and soft, never fade and other characteristics, for the industry's best promotional items and advertising products.


In the display cabinet industry and our home life, but also widely used acrylic display props, acrylic makeup storage box, jewelry storage box and so on. Guangzhou Vip Display Factory also meet the market demand, supply high-quality related products all the year. We welcome enquiry form customer world wide.


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