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Plexiglass display IX product features
Dec 15, 2016

1, flame resistance: there will be no spontaneous combustion and self-extinguishing; 2, rationality: the rationality of design and rain moisture-proof, open-type structure, easy cleaning maintenance. 3, and beautiful sex: is mirror effect, process fine, no folds, no seams; 4, and resistance Hou sex: can insurance long not faded, quality good of plate using years up 6-13 years of long; 5, and visual effect: color variety, and Visual impact is strong; 6, and resistance impact sex: is General glass products of 200 times times above, almost no any fracture of dangerous; 7, and light sex: light rate can reached 96%, light rate very better, and light compared soft; 8, and durability: products on built-in light has is good of protection, Extend the life of light source products used 9, energy efficiency: very good light transmission, less light, save electricity, reduce costs.

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