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Leather goods store and showroom design making common element
Dec 15, 2016

First of all, from the perspective of overall space layout, and leather goods stores and counters tend to be based on the actual design of store planning. Ready to design the kind of style, level. You have some space, what is the function of the space. Handle leather goods all kinds of different function and role of the Office in the whole area of distribution in the space, so reasonable and effective, security classification and organization of space, it is very heavy. Secondly, the spatial dynamic in situ analysis of the elements refers to the leather display case of layout and space boot designs to meet customers and convenient for customers to purchase properties of the basic requirements, leather shop space expression of aesthetic tastes and artistic value. Leather display case features needed to meet customer space comfort and stretch, considering channel dimensions of convenience and security. Service channel with the guests away from each other, too much crossover will lower the quality of service, good will and serve as separate channels.

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