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Jewelry showcase so placed, greatly improving product sales
May 03, 2017

The concept of jewelry store display 

Shop merchandise display is a visual marketing approach.Is based on different display space,the use of a variety of props and accessories, in the product style based on the combination of culture, art, taste, fashion, personality and other elements, through a variety of display skills, to sully express the product functionality, Style or sales theme.

The purpose of the shop display 

The purpose is in a certain range, so that people at a glance on the property, function, characteristics, quality, style, grade of products, attract attention, leaving the impression, close to the goods and desire to buy the goods. To maximize the display of goods to stimulate the sale of goods, manufacturing brand influence,

dissemination of brand culture.

The skill of Jewelry Display Cabinet arrangement

1, The easiest place to see. display some representative, luxurious exaggerated goods, reflect the strength of the store goods

2, The Easy location to see. it is gold display space. Can display some of the characteristics, high profits goods.

3, The location can see, to display some stability sales, standing goods


The importance of the blank

To make jewelry in a large number of jewelry stand out, the appropriate blank is very important. Because the blank can cut off other things, so that the focus on the jewelry to be highlighted.

If you are interested in jewelry display, welcome to contact Guangzhou Vip Display & Furniture Co., Ltd to have more knowledge concerned jewelry display and Jewelry Showcase arragement.

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