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How to maintain acrylic products
Dec 15, 2016

First, acrylic temperature heat at 70 degrees will be deformed, will soften when heated to 100 degrees above, applies to above 100 degrees should be avoided. Second, acrylic polishing, if small scratches, you can wipe with toilet paper or wipes a little toothpaste, if there is any large scratches, I personally mind sanded acrylic, if take sandpaper to wear it, the product is scrapped, all scratched on the surface, would be even worse. Third, the acrylic should have soft cloth clean, do not use any cleaning agents containing granular objects, do not use a chemical bath agent scrub. Finally, acrylic products are easy to crack, access should note the surface protection. Finally, acrylic thermal expansion coefficient, placed or fixed temperature variations should be taken into account when there is room for expansion. VI, ruoyakeli products are not damaged, you can use the IPS of dichloromethane class bonding glues/adhesives adhesive agents or quick-drying agent.

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