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How to identify glass quality of acrylic display stand


Acrylic display products it is a chemical called methyl acrylic acid methyl ester, also known as acrylic or plexiglass, glue called ajiali in Hong Kong, a high degree of transparency, low prices, easy mechanical processing, and other advantages, glass is often used alternative materials. perspex acrylic display stands, good plexiglass plate light transmission is very high, very white, not yellow or blue. Of course lights white, light transmission rate is also different. The soft side of good quality acrylic display stands package better, and bad sheet of soft colors appear to be mixed, this is called the joint venture board. General good plexiglass plate and are exactly the same, such as how thick the reality just how thick the note. Does not cut corners, instead, the inferior plate often hypocritical. Poor quality plexiglass plate are crisp, soon faded after the outdoor Sun and wind, not the original luster. Plexiglass acrylic display stands with fire to burn plexiglass material, good plexiglass material will not burn easily, and bad material can quickly burn up.

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