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How to extend the life of cosmetics store cabinet
May 17, 2017

Cosmetics showcase played a major role in the decoration, beautiful and generous, but the aging of showcase is often worrying. Beautiful cosmetics display cabinets every day there is a certain degree of aging.

How to extend the life of the cosmetics Showcase? Today China showcase supplier Guangzhou Vip Display & Furniture Co., Ltd would like to share you four views from the following.


1, Do not use detergent or soapy water cleaning showcase.

2, Do not use spray wax to maintenance showcases, especially the leather showcase.

3, Do not put the showcase for a long time on the sun exposure. when the maintenance finished cabinet and found that some of the water is not dry, put the showcase in the sun, is a wrong behavior, because the most showcase is sticky wooden showcase. Showcase in the water after the cold heat, the thermal expansion and contraction, will cause the appearance of the showcase aliasing, and even paste the skin off. Greatly reduce the showcase life and beautiful.

4, Coarse cloth can not appear in the showcase cleaning care, for the usual cleaning, do not use coarse or old clothes.

If youre interested in cosmetic display shelves, and prefer to have more knowledge of showcase maintenance, pls feel free to contact our 7x24hours service line: (email), +86 18926198252 (whatsapp).


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