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Do you know what the elements of the showcase design are?
Mar 20, 2017

Do you know what the elements of the showcase design are? Today Let the design director from Guangzhou Vip Display & Furniture Co., Ltd - China wood jewelry furniture factory find you the answer.

Jewelry showcase is the indispensable carrier during the brand in process of displaying the products, but it will be affected by various factors in the process of design showcase.

Today we will talk about the three basic elements influencing the design of showcase.

1, Placement

We must consider the size of jewelry showcase when start design program.

How to maintain coordination with other items is the primary factor in the development of showcase. By placing the location, you can tell the customer what kind of positioning, is the luxury? classical? Or modern.

2, Visual beauty

Jewelry itself is a work of art, but also need suitable showcase to show to consumers.

So in the design process, through the point, line, surface of the idea can be a good embodiment of the brand, reflecting the product.

3, Display layout

Showcase and product are not isolated, they must be integrated into the store atmosphere. Showcase look is still, but is actually a dynamic information.

So the good layout of the showcase should be placed in a prominent position in the mall, to the audience with the strongest visual stimulation.


Showcase include jewelry kiosk, cosmetic kiosk, makeup stand, shoes showcase, necklace stand, watch showcase, museum display etc. They carry different products, but all must follow these three basic elements.

To be an excellent designer, and good China jewellery display stands for shop manufacturers, Guangzhou Vip Display & Furniture Co., Ltd will insist these thress basic elements and expand.

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