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Acrylic plexiglass plate more than ordinary glass advantage
Dec 15, 2016

1. acrylic has a strong ability to shape, not easily broken, and very lightweight, acrylic can be used along with the user's personality to create the effect. 2. in good shape compared to traditional glass, acrylic material to fight strong, not easy to break. 3. oxidation resistance is relatively good, easy deformation and discoloration. 4. acrylic color relative to ordinary glass is more, and you can make the different effect of the acrylic sheet, colorful, diverse 5. acrylic colour better than ordinary glass, and can include cartoon characters, shells, pictures, flower, bird, fish-shaped, foliage and other amber-like effect. 6. color acrylic color, type, hardness and other parameters than the traditional glass. 7. acrylic with built-in and external light, can produce different results. 8. the acrylic panels can be designed according the creative imagination to the plate. DIY more. more so.

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