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Acrylic photo frame processing technology analysis


1.cast: cast molding for molding plexiglass sheets, rods, profiles, use bulk polymerization method of molding profiles. Products need to post-process after moulding, thermal post-treatment condition is 60 ℃ 2H,120 ℃. 2. injection molding: injection molding particles prepared by suspension polymerization and molding in an ordinary piston or screw type injection molding machine. Table 1 is injection of methyl methacrylate acrylic photo frames typical process conditions. Barrel temperature of Central 190-230 front 180-210210-240 rear 180-200180-200 nozzle temperature ℃ 180-210210-240 mold temperature ℃ 40-8040-80 MPa40-6040-60 screw speed, injection pressure MPa80-12080-130 pressure RP.m-120-30 after injection molding products also need to eliminate internal stress, at 70-80 in the hot air circulation drying oven, the processing time depending on the thickness, generally need about 4H.

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