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Acrylic photo frame how bonded we don't have bubbles
Dec 15, 2016

1, if at the time of bonding directly using a blow-dryer, you will cause the edges of the section arising from the rapid volatile adhesive white phenomenon. 2, acrylic photo frame bonding environment will directly impact on the effect of temperature and humidity, and stress as a result of cutting of plates will result in the appearance of stress and degradation products may affect the bonding effect of the acrylic sheet. 3, ruoyakeli photo frame in the adhesive bonding process of erosion, would have to leave behind traces of clear acrylic surface, then this time you can use stickers to maintain is not glued to the position you want. Or use the cleaning method to clean stains. In addition, when acrylic adhesive, grease, dust or air bubble hole, all affect the adhesive evenly and leaving the bubble.

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